Marketing – campaigns and information

Marketing campaigns
NGR Etiketter 300Danish Christmas Trees carries out current general sales promotion work on behalf of the whole sector to ensure the best possible sales conditions for the Danish growers. As a member of the association one is able to benefit from the large sales projects which each year are undertaken in the largest markets in Europe. The Original Nordmann campaigns have run successfully for more than 10 years now at the large main markets throughout Europe, and there has recently been a large landscaped cut greenery project that aims to improve the sales conditions for the Danish Noble and Nordmann spruce tree growers. Here the individual grower has the chance to directly receive payment for resources which each year are used in general marketing. In Danish Christmas Trees you can hear much more about how you as a grower can gain a direct advantage from these campaigns.

Market information
The association’s staff members carry out inspection trips to the largest export markets each year; in doing so valuable knowledge is gained about the development of the markets which is of benefit to the members in their planning of production and sales performance. The information consists of, among other things, assessment of pricing of the different markets together with how the Danish supplied products are received by the consumers – both in price and in terms of value.

Also current market research via external analysis agencies is one of the tools that one as a member can benefit from. Here the association is up to date with all the relevant market research and analysis that has been carried out through the last 20 years, just as there is new analysis that is continually being carried out that our members naturally are the first to take advantage of.

Preserve freshness
The European Christmas Tree Growers Association has focused on preserving the freshness of natural trees all the way from producer to consumer. A note has therefore been drawn up regarding the correct handling of cut Christmas trees, as well as the expressed desire to let deliveries follow sales, so that (too) early harvesting of the Christmas trees is avoided to the detriment of both sales and the consumer's experience with the tree. Download the call from the European association here