Welcome to Danish Christmas tree Association - trees & greenery

This is the website for the Danish Christmas tree Association. In Demark there are some 3,500 growers of Christmas trees and greenery and annual production is 12 million trees - mostly Nordmann fir and some 42,000 tons of greenery - mostly from Noble fir and Nordmann fir. For the time being most pages contain information only in Danish, but if you wish to find a Danish producer of Christmas trees and greenery, or want to see what is on the market in Denmark; please click the "Find producer" and "Market place" in the left menu - all pages are in Danish.

The Danish Christmas Tree Association is a nation-wide industry association that addresses approx. 4,000 businesses in Denmark related to the production of Christmas trees and greenery. The association aims at providing the most favourable political framework for the industry by collecting and analysing current and historical knowledge and information on law, economy, labour, environmental conditions, use of auxiliary products, trade and export as well as more general aspects of management within the industry.

In addition, the association also functions as a service and knowledge centre and provides advisory services within cultivation, marketing and sales as well as dissemination of industry experience and practice. The association neither buys nor sells any products of its members and is in that sense economically independent. The economical foundation of the association is based exclusively on membership fees and services provided in form of consultancy, seminars and publications.

The Danish Christmas Tree Association is an industry association and has a secretariat with six employees – primarily on the association’s address in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. The secretariat is responsible for the daily management of the association and implements initiatives launched by the board.

Nobilis Kogler Fra Luften