Estate name Description City
Andersen JuletræerWe are a family-owned Christmas tree producer with production of Norman Grain. We have 25 ha. planted, which we have added 20,000 pieces since 2012. yearly. For further information contact Michael Andersen - +45 5373 2004Støvring
Arne MarkussenExportation and intermediary trade of Danishes Christmas treesStenlille
BirkedalTGV (The Green Vision) is a smaller Christmas tree producer which from the autumn of 2020 can deliver approx 10,000 trees each year. Our trees are well-groomed and hand-trimmed. Our goal is to produce only 1st grade Abies Nordmaniana Christmas trees as far as possible. We are looking for a permanent partner who can buy the whole production. A bigger deal with a company about employee Christmas trees also has our interest.Nykøbing F.
BirkelyAbies Nordmanniana, up to 12 years Picea Abies up to 6 yearsStore Heddinge
BirkemosegårdWe cultivate trimmed Nordmann Christmastrees. Annual production about 20.000 treesFåborg
Birkholm ChristmastreesNordmann Christmas trees from 0,6 meter to 6,00 meter. The Christmas trees is slimy and well formed in a good quality. Please contact Bjarne Knutsen mobile 004528126162.Faaborg
Bjarne BoesenWell-run property with trees for sale of good quality in nice quantities up to 12-15000 pcs. We sell larger well-shaped trees between 1.50 m and 3.00 m Full machinery for reprocessing, so that agreed delivery deadlines are met. Take a closer look at this in our film of the cultures at www.toppii.dkFrøstrup
Bøgevejen`s JuletræerSpruce / Norman fir in all sizesBælum
BolsHigh quality Nordmann Fir Seedlings , own seed lots. Ambrolauri,Tlugi block 19 and 13.Brædstrup
BonderupgårdSale of Nordmanns (silver) Christmastrees on root Offer for cutting and netting availableSkibby
BrøndumgårdWe are producing 35.000 Nordmann Christmastrees a year, mainly between 175 - 225 cm size. (6-8 feet) Good strong quality with good colour. All trees are hand shaped and slim. All customers accepted. English speaking.Bælum
Christian G. DrescherNordmann christmastrees from ca. 50 haGlesborg
Collet Christmas TreesCollet Christmas Trees is located in the southern part of Zealand approximately 1 hour’s drive south of Copenhagen. We have been growing Nordmann fir for the last 60 years, and our large production focuses on high quality trees. Collet Christmas Trees are able to deliver any solution that our customers’ demands.Lundby
Danica TreesProduction, Purchase and Export of Global GAP certified Christmastrees and GreeneryNørre Snede
Danish Christmas trees A/SWholesale Christmas treesSorø
Danish Trees ApSDanish Trees ApS is a sales firm founded in 2016 by Hans Aarøe and Sten Nielsen. Danish Trees' goal is to deliver the quality that the end-user requests. We are always in close contact with our clients, which benefits everyone and helps deliver the best possible Christmas trees for the end-user. Danish Trees is owned by Hans Aarøe Invest ApS and Sten Nielsen. The production and growth of the Christmas trees takes place in Denmark between Kolding and Haderslev, near a coast that ensures good land for farming and creates the high-quality Christmas trees that Danish Trees ApS deliver. We have skilled employees that emphasizes the value of a healthy environment for both the employees and the Christmas trees.Haderslev
DragsgaardProduction of slim, shaped Nordmann trees. Yearly production is about 40.000 treesBælum
ForstTeam ApSForstTeam ApS produces and exports Christmas trees. ForstTeam`s success in meeting the needs of our customers are based on personal service and many years of experience in the European market. We emphasise the importance of quality , time of delivery and personal service.Horsens
Green Product A/SLong standing grower of Danish Christmas trees and greeneryRy
Green Team Group A/SGreen Team Group A/S is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and suppliers of Christmas tree plants and Christmas trees and supplier of decorative greenery and decorations. Green Team Group's sales companies sell its products directly to the major European retail chains and garden centres. Visit for further information.Sønder Omme
Grønlund!00 Ha NGR 13 ha RGRTørring
GrotexGrotex are abel to deliver many solutions, regarding trees/greneryFuglebjerg
HaubrogaardProduction of form-cut Nordmann fir. Annual production is about 10,000 to 15,000 trees.Års
JulegaardBornholm - eksport and homesale - Nordmannfir.Åkirkeby
Juletræsgrossisten.dkNordmann Christmasstrees of high prima quality sold from Danish local production areas to retailers. Packed to smaller and larger stores, florists and garden centersNæstved
Juletræsproducent Lars GeilGeil and Berner A/S is one of Denmark’s major exporters of Nordmann fir Christmas trees. Since 1989, Geil and Berner A / S have focused on delivering the highest quality Christmas trees that meet our customers’ needs and wishes. Through a large production of trees from both Kim Berner, Clausholm and Lars Geil, Ry. Geil and Berner has a high-quality product to offer its customers.Ry
Kasthøj HoldingProduction and sale og Christmas trees from 75 ha and 5 ha Nobilis. Export.Tistrup
Kegnæs StrandplantageNordmann Christmas treesSydals
KirstinebergPotgrown Nordman FirNykøbing F.
Kistrup NordmannKistrup Nordmann has specialised in the production of narrow christmas trees of high quality.Viborg
Kortegaard Forst Export EU ApSSales of Christmas treesLangeskov
Lars FrendrupWe produce and sell Nordmanntrees from 60cm to 4,0m. 30.000 - 50.000 trees every year.Nibe
Lassen Juletræer I/SYour reliable producer and supplier of Nordmann Christmas Trees.Søndersø
LindholdtgaardWell-kept very culture of Nordmann Christmas trees. great deal top quality trees.Lunderskov
MaglesøbjergGrower and seller of top quality christmas trees and cuttingsHolbæk
MargrethelundSale of Nordmann Christmas trees in larger and smaller partiesRyomgård
MølbjerggårdNordmann and Nobelis. 12 hektar ca. 85000. Nordmann. 10000 trees Ready for sale every year from sæson 2016.Kjellerup
Mosegården (1)Nordmann and Nobilis- trees in high quality. Pro year 2-4000 trees. Height 100 - 400 cm Year 2019 : 1000 ngr 2 - 4 meter prima and 3000 ngr 1 - 2 Meter Buyer can select. In smaller and larger numbers. Exportsale. Flexible - I am a smaller producer.Odder
NIELS HØJ Juletræer og PyntegrøntProduction and wholesale of Christmastrees and Greenery Nordmann, Nobilis, Norway-spruce, Pine - Global G.A.P. production - For further information we will always be at your disposalThem
nordmanntrees.dkWe grow shaped Nordmann Christmastrees of high quality. 35000-50000 trees every year.Nibe
NørrekærWe produce and export nordmann christmastrees to all over Europe, from about 300 ha. including sub-suppliersNibe
Øster skovgårdAlttiljul.dkHerning
Overgaard I/SINTENSIVE PRODUCER of Original Nordmann Christmas trees(Ambrolauri) and Nordmann and Nobilis decoration.Them
PamhulegaardProduction of Nordmann for wholesaleHaderslev
Peder Christian GadeForester offers Nordmann Christmas trees in best qualities. Only 50 km. after the German/danish border.Haderslev
Poul Nicholaisenwe produce and sale Nordmanntrees from 80 cm to 3,5 m years produce 30.000 treesJuelsminde
ROLDGAARDENProduction of Nordmann Christmastrees and grenery. For Export and retail. Larger and smaller amount. Classification: Prima, Standard and unclassified or your own classification. Size 150cm to 240cm.Skørping
Rudebeck2,7 Ha with nordmann fir.5000 plantet in 2006.1200 pc. in size 1,75-2,00 m. 2000 pc. in size 1,5-1,75m.1-200 pc. in size 2,5-3m.Odder
Rydbjerggård PlantningsselskabForest engineer Erik Lei have more than 50 years of professional expertise in forestry, cultivation and export of the Nordmann Fir Christmas trees at our +50 Ha. plantations. All our trees are GlobalG.A.P.-certifiedHaderslev
Sander BerggreenNordmann treesIkast
Scan-TradeManufacturer and exporter of quality trees to the whole of EuropeFrederikshavn
SilvConsultWe are a smaller producer Nordmann and Pine Christmas Trees, with a yearly production of 16 - 20.000 trees of good quality. We also have a smaller production of Noble and Mountain Pine greenery.Bjerringbro
Skovdyrkerforeningen Nord-ØstjyllandChristmas trees and greenery for sale. We always have a great offer for you. Call us or come and visit us.Randers SØ
Skovfoged Jacob FrankChristmas trees production, greenery and pot grown trees.Viuf
Stiftelsen Sorø AkademiChristmastrees Nordmann Producer and supplierSorø
TannenbaumProduktion køb og salg af Nordmann JuletræerHobro