Original Nordmann

ON 100When the Original Nordmann campaign started in 1997 the Nordmann fir tree was not particularly well known in Germany. The first aim of the campaign was therefore to make the consumers aware of the Nordmann fir as a tree and the benefits of using the Nordmann fir as a Christmas tree. The budget for a national campaign on the German market was relatively low and one therefore had to think along unconventional lines in order to reach a sufficiently large number of potential Nordmann customers. The two most important elements in the Original Nordmann concept were contact with the press and contact with the German Christmas tree distributors. In order to create an identity with all three groups (press, distributors and consumers) the campaign was built up around the Original Nordmann brand. The aim of the campaign has been and is still to provide the best possible service and information to all three groups through Informationszentrum Nordmanntanne, which acts as a contact for the press and distributors.

The project behind the campaign has been financed by the Danish Christmas tree growers via PAF (the production tax fund for Christmas trees and decorative greenery).

Throughout the last 11 years Original Nordmann has achieved a high status in the consumers mind. As a result a far greater proportion wants to buy a Nordmann fir tree. The German distributors have also very quickly understood the advantages of working with a brand, rather than an anonymous article where the quality of the different types of tree and also among the Nordmann firs themselves is extremely variable.