Nordic green

Nordic GreenFor more than 10 years now in the same way that the marketing of the Christmas trees has become promoted by the well known Original Nordmann campaign, there is talk of introducing the good quality Danish cut greenery as the crucial and primary sales parameter. At the start of 2006 the association therefore sought the production tax fund as a means to initiate a larger campaign to specifically promote the marketing of the Noble cut greenery in Germany.

Germany is the main purchasing country of Noble greenery and even though more and more other countries are gradually also beginning to emerge as purchasing countries in the statistics; it is a fact that more than 80% of the Noble cut greenery that is produced and exported from Denmark finishes up as end products in one form or another on the German market. That is why in Germany the key to better prices for greenery are hidden. Or one could say that it is in this country that we have lost the key because previously the prices were to a great extent reasonable in this market. Therefore one must look back a little to understand what it is that has made it so difficult to attain a satisfactory price level for the greenery at the beginning of the new century.

As an introduction to the campaign there is, like with the Original Nordmann brand for the Christmas trees, devised and registered a brand that with time must be able to develop into an equally strong brand. The Danish well graded cut greenery will in the future be marketed under the logo Nordic Green. As mentioned the brand is registered and thereby protected and has already been on the market in order to be presented to the potential target groups.